Dawn of Deliverance – Start Reading Now

Dawn of Deliverance - Start Reading Now

Danil clung to the tree, wondering how the hell he had let himself get talked into this idiocy.

“Sharne, jump!” Jakob yelled.

Sharne jumped, her effort buoyed by Jakob’s magic. She shot into the air, and the hog dashed under her and slammed into a tree.

Not just any tree. The trunk Danil gripped shuddered and groaned at the impact. When it stilled, he was sure it was no longer entirely upright.

Through Garrett’s eyes, he watched the rearick chase down a fat sow, his feet flying as he jumped over bushes and thick tree roots.

He saw Bette, panting behind a tree, taking a moment to catch her breath before swinging around to fire off another round from her crossbow.

Then, he felt Carey’s urgent spike of fear as a nearby tree trunk split, the old pine leaning precariously to one side.

Oh, Dani realised. That’s why it feels like I’m falling.

Danil screamed as the tree swung towards the ground. The sudden shift in his centre of gravity pulled him away from the trunk and his hands stung as he lost grip on his refuge.

He screamed again as he fell, falling into a whimper as Jakob’s magic caught him and lowered him gently to the ground.

Then, he screamed louder again as Jakob and Sharne both suddenly realised what would happen next.

The hog eyed him. Steam shot from his snout as he snorted in the cold morning air, one foot stamping on the ground menacingly.

“Danil!” Sharne screamed.

Duck!” Bette yelled.

Unsure who she’d been talking to, everyone threw themselves to the ground—everyone but Danil, who was already there, his borrowed sight flitting between his companions before settling to watch the red eyeballs of his impending death.

The hog’s left eye exploded in a shower of blood.

It screamed and gasped, pulling back in a brief moment of agony before falling to one side, dead.

“Take that, ye hairy side of bacon!” Garrett yelled triumphantly in the distance.

Bette strode over and pulled Danil to his feet. He stood, knees shaking.

“There, now,” she said with a grin. “Wasn’t that fun? Ye should come out huntin’ for breakfast more often, mystic!”