Just a Snippet…

It has been a windy week here. So windy, the neighbours trampoline blew over a fence. So windy, the dog didn’t need a car window to feel his ears flippy flapping in the breeze. So windy, my skin looks like a dragon ready for it’s first shedding.
Life is busy. Good busy, in some ways—accomplishing things that have been on the list for far too long and having fun family get togethers. Also bad busy, wherein my floor is dirty, the washing piled mountainously high, and my brain won’t stop spinning.

The words are being written, though not as fast as I’d like. I’m 16,541 words in. There’s a concern it may wind up short, despite the late addition of a minor side plot. That could be catastrophic, but fixable. Just… More time.
O thankfully now have a virtual assistant taking some of the more tedious and neglected jobs off my plate. I’m automating what I can (like these posts dropping on my blog) and ignoring the rest, to he honest. The words must come first!
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