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Thank you for visitng my website! My name is Amy, and I’m a writer with a whole lot of books in my head.

I’ve been writing since I was in sixth grade. Back then, it was a thriller that looked suspiciouly like a whole lot of Christopher Pike books mashed together. Later, I dabbled in spooky ghost stories and grand adventures.

Nowadays? My books all contain a little magic. From the beautiful streets of London, in a tea shop run by a half-blood witch and her boggart, to a post-apocalyptic Earth where forgetten tech has changed humans to give them powers that resemble magic, I try to recapture the wonder I first felt when swooping through the skies on Ramoth’s back, darting through the halls of Obernewton, or fleeing from a burning building with Harry Dresden (it wasn’t his fault, by the way). 

You can see the stories I’ve published in the ‘books’ section.  Under ‘Library’, you’ll find free sample chapters, whole books and exclusive short stories and outtakes.

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A Dash of Dream Final

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All Emma wanted was to sell her enchanted teas in peace; instead, she's caught up in the chase for a killer who's stalking the streets of London. He's targeting half-bloods, people with limited magical ability. People just like Emma.


Three Chapters Free

When the greatest horrors exist in the mind, how do you deal with a man who puts them there? Enter a post-apocalyptic world where forgotten tech has created magic on Earth.