Talented Series

A Drop Of Dream

All Emma wanted was to sell her enchanted teas in peace; instead, she's caught up in the chase for a killer who's stalking the streets of London. He's targeting half-bloods, people with limited magical ability. People just like Emma. The police are baffled by the long string of deaths, but they're not willing to put in the legwork to make an arrest. After all, magic users can take care of themselves, right? Except, those with real power don't give a damn about half-bloods. So, when Emma wakes from a strange dream that nearly gets her killed in the waking world, she knows she has to deal with it herself. With only her boggart shop-assistant and the two strange men who have offered to help, can she thwart the killer and make the city safe again?

Formerly published as Dream Stalker

A Dash Of Fiend

When Emma is approached by DCI Greyson to assist with a case, her first instinct is to say no. Still shaken by the attack on her life six months earlier, and balancing her friendships with a budding relationship, she'd prefer to stay clear of the danger. However, circumstances force her hand and she throws herself into the investigation. She soon realises that her target isn't a mysterious creature, but a dangerous man without the slightest care for human life... Can Emma survive the biggest risk she's ever faced, or will she have to sacrifice too much?

Formerly published as Barrow Fiend

A Splash Of Truth

A boy is missing, and Emma needs to find him fast. The High Seat's request to hunt down a traitor on the Council will just have to wait. When Emma's search leads her to the gritty underground where half-blood children are made to fight for sport, she'll require every ounce of cunning and skill she has to bring the operation down. She must not only mingle with the arrogant nobles who run the operation but finally face down the one person who means her the most harm - her sister, Aveline. Putting off the High Seat's task, however, may be a bigger risk than she bargained for...

Fromerly published as Truth Taker

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A Promise Due

The Guardians have made their decree. On the next full moon, all magic will be stripped from the world and the gates to the Other closed forever. Only one woman has the power to stop it from happening... In the most magical book of the series yet, follow Emma's journey through the Other to complete a quest from the Guardians themselves.

Formerly published as Faery Teind

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The Lord of Misrule - A Short Story

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